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VICTORIA BOWLIN’S CURRENT RADIO SINGLE, “LEAD ME TO THE CROSS” HAS MADE ITS DEBUT ON THE SINGING NEWS TOP 80 CHARTS FOR FEBRUARY! - 2/1/18 Victoria Bowlin’s Current Radio Single, “Lead Me To The Cross” has made its debut on the Singing News Top 80 Charts at #73 for February! This makes Victoria’s 2nd Top 80 Charting song. She says,”I am so excited to see what God is doing with my songs through radio. Thank you, DJ’s for playing my music, and thank you fans for listening and requesting!” AARON AND VICTORIA WELCOME NEW NEPHEW TO THE FAMILY - 1/29/18 Congratulations to Victoria’s brother, Chris and sister in law, Jenny who have just welcomed a new addition to their family, James Joseph Taylor. He was born Monday morning, January 29, 2018 at 8:47 am, weighing 7 lbs 8 oz and measuring 21 inches long. Mommy and Baby are doing well! This makes 3 boys for Chris and Jenny! Victoria and Aaron are so excited about the new addition to their family! VICTORIA BOWLIN SIGNS EXCLUSIVE RECORDING AGREEMENT WITH 65/40 RECORDS - 1/4/18 NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (January 4, 2018) – Popular singer/songwriter Victoria Bowlin recently signed an exclusive recording agreement with new Country Gospel record label 65/40 Records, a division of Red Hen Records. Victoria Bowlin stated, “I am so excited about this new season of ministry I am stepping into. I have known Rick and Micah Schweinsberg for a very long time and have the utmost respect for them. I look forward to many great things to come with 65/40 Records.” Micah Schweinsberg of 65/40 Records said, “I have known Victoria for years, and from the first time I ever heard her sing, I knew that she was incredibly talented. But more than that, I felt her heart and love for others. I am so excited to work with her and her music. I think she’s going to reach more people with this album than she ever has, and that excites me more than anything!” 65/40 Records’ Rick Schweinsberg also commented, “We are currently researching material for Victoria’s project.  We are planning on a fresh new sound for her. Victoria is a fantastic singer and will be very successful in the Country Gospel music field.” 65/40 Records is a division of the Red Hen Records. The new label launched December 20, 2017 and already the home of such talented acts as Trade Mark, The Kendricks, and Tony Allen Bates. Victoria’s debut for 65/40 Records is due in 2018. More information on that release will be available in the coming months. In the meantime, be listening for Victoria’s music currently playing on Southern Gospel radio. In addition to her ministry as a soloist, Victoria travels the country with her husband doing evangelical work through churches and other organizations. To interview Victoria contact AG Publicity at VICTORIA BOWLIN’S LATEST RADIO SINGLE, “LEAD ME TO THE CROSS” RANKS #1 FOR EIGHT STRAIGHT WEEKS ON SOGR RADIO WEEKLY CHARTS! - 12/25/17 Victoria Bowlin’s latest radio single, “Lead Me To The Cross” peaked at #1 for eight straight weeks on SOGR Radio’s weekly chart! She is so grateful that the message in this song is getting heard and played.


Rising gospel vocalist Victoria Bowlin is excited to make her first appearance at Dollywood this month. Victoria will be a featured performer at Dollywood’s Annual Southern Gospel Harvest Festival on October 11th and 18th in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Victoria said, “I am so excited for the opportunity to sing at Dollywood! This is something I’ve dreamed of doing since I was a kid. It’s awesome to get to minister to people from all over at one of my favorite places. I count it an honor to be here!” Victoria will be performing at the Back Porch Theater during the exciting annual event. She will present her unique Gospel style at the 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. shows on October11, 2017. Show times for the October 18th performance are 12:15 p.m., 3:15 p.m., and 6:15 p.m. Victoria will be performing hits from her critically acclaimed Chapel Valley release You See Beauty as well as other hit songs from her storied career. You See Beauty’s stellar 4-star review at said Victoria was “…definitely a name to watch.”


Rising quickly on the Southern Gospel Music scene, soloist Victoria Bowlin was honored to be chosen from the afternoon showcase at Gatlinburg Gathering to sing on main stage on Thursday August 17 for the second year in a row. Making the event even more special, the song she performed is her current radio single and penned from her own hand, “Lead Me To The Cross.” Victoria is not only a great singer and prolific songwriter, but she is also an author and sought after faith inspired speaker. Victoria says, “I am so thrilled! This was such a blessing to be chosen the second year in a row to sing on main stage at Gatlinburg Gathering. I love being involved in Abraham Production events and am thankful for this opportunity!”


AGM Editor-in-Chief Chris Unthank got to talk with up and coming soloist Victoria Bowlin about her ministry and her new solo recording – You See Beauty! Chris Unthank: Most of our readers know you as one of our reviewers and staff writers, but give us a brief history of your musical background. Victoria Bowlin: I started singing with my family over 20 years ago, at the young age of 2. Back then, they were known as Unity. They traveled part time until 2001, when I took my uncle’s place as the third part with my parents. In 2008, we changed our name to our family name, The Shireys, and went full time. The group consisted of my dad Wayne, my mom Darlene, my younger sister Rachael, and myself. In February of 2014, I married my sweetheart, Aaron Bowlin. The following year, God called Aaron and I into a ministry of our own. I went full time as a soloist, and Aaron traveled with me, as much as possible, to preach. In September of 2015, God called Aaron into full time Evangelism with me. I was thrilled! Since then, God has been doing some amazing things in our ministry! In July of 2016, I got my first Singing News Top 80 charting song. It came in at #71 and was an original song that I had written entitled, “Still Faithful”. In August of 2016, I got chosen from an afternoon showcase at the Gatlinburg Gathering to sing on Main Stage. That was such an honor! Then, in September of 2016, the Lord really showed me favor when I was chosen from the afternoon showcase at the National Quartet Convention to sing on Main Stage! I then signed with Chapel Valley Records in October of 2016 and released my first project with them in April 2017. God has been so good to me! CU: How has ministry been different for you now as a part of a preaching and evangelism team with your husband as opposed to traveling with your family? VB: Honestly, it’s been very different. When I traveled with my family, no one preached. So, I have had to get used to sharing the program with my husband. Aaron is so awesome, though. He’s got such a sweet Spirit. I still sing 100% of the time, but he only preaches about 50% of the time. He is so supportive, though. Even when he’s not ministering, he’s all in. I love that! CU: Tell us about your newest solo recording. VB: My new album is titled You See Beauty. It is by far the best solo album that I have ever recorded! Eight out of 10 of the songs on the project are brand new songs that God has given me, including a song co-written by my friend Phil Cross. I am so excited about this CD! Shane Roark really outdid himself with the production. I really enjoyed working with the guys at Chapel Valley. CU: How does this release differ from previous solo albums? VB: Well, this is actually the first solo album that I have released since Aaron and I went full time in the ministry together. My previous solo albums were released while I was still traveling with The Shireys. The style is also a little different. In the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve been trying to “find myself”, so to speak. I wanted to find the style that suited me best and what I enjoyed singing the most. So, after much prayer and playing around with a lot of different styles, I believe I have found my unique style. CU: What led you to Chapel Valley? VB: Aaron and I talked and prayed about several different record companies before deciding on Chapel Valley. We just really felt a draw there. So, we sat down with Shane Roark and felt a kindred Spirit. In fact, while working together, Shane and I have found a lot of similarities musically and in personalities. Chapel Valley is one big family, and I’m happy to be a part. CU: Talk to us about your songwriting. How did you get started writing? VB: At 4 years old, my mom and Grandmother would film me singing around the house. I would constantly make up my own songs, some that made sense, some that didn’t! Haha. At 11 years old, my songs actually started to come together, and at sixteen years old, my family recorded my first five songs on an album entitled Don’t Look Back. I love to write. Songwriting is something that has just come naturally, and I believe, is a God given talent. Most of the time, I get the lyrics and melody to a song at the same time, and the Lord gives me lyrics faster that I can write them down. CU: Who are you biggest influences, both vocally and songwriting? VB: I’m a big Kim Hopper fan. Vocally, I think she’s the best. Over the years, I have learned much technique from her, which has helped me tremendously. As far as songwriting goes, Dottie Rambo is obviously one of the best there is, along with Gerald Crabb. I’m also a big fan of Joseph Habedank’s writing. I love deep lyrics that make you think and songs that you know came from a trial, therefore came from the heart. CU: What’s coming up next for your ministry? VB: We’ve got a lot of great things coming up. I will be performing at Dollywood for the first time this October 11 and 18,  during the Southern Gospel Harvest Festival. Then in November, I will be singing at the Christmas in the Smokies in Pigeon  Forge, TN, and in January, I will be cruising with my Chapel Valley family! We will be singing at sea for eight days. I can’t wait!  For more information on these events and other scheduling, you can visit our website, CU: What has God been teaching you lately? VB: Timing and faithfulness. God’s timing is perfect, and if He wants you somewhere, He will put you there in His time. In the  past year especially, God has taught me that if we are faithful to Him, He will be faithful to us. That is key! There’s no magic  formula to being successful. Just do your best, and let God do the rest. For more information on Victoria and her ministry, visit her online at


Congratulations to Victoria’s sister, Rachael and brother in law, Zach who have just welcomed a new addition to their family, Kason Vann Flowers. He was born Saturday morning, July 15, 2017 at 9:31am, weighing 6 lbs 5 oz and measuring 19 inches long. Mommy and Baby are doing well! Victoria and Aaron are thrilled to have made it to GA for the birth. They are a proud Aunt and Uncle.


Producer: Shane Roark Record Label: Chapel Valley Website: Review written by: Chris Unthank 4 out of 5 Stars Victoria Bowlin embarked on a solo career after spending her life on the road with her family The Shireys. Getting married and partnering in ministry with her husband Aaron has taken Victoria to new places in her career which has included mainstage appearances at the National Quartet Convention and Gatlinburg Gathering and signing with Chapel Valley. Her debut solo outing with Chapel Valley, You See Beauty, is a fine release sure to take Bowlin to even greater heights in her career. Bowlin has a strong voice full of rich tones and strikingly powerful. This is most notable on her cover of the Crabb Family hit “Something Going On the Graveyard.” The powerful and driving title cut “You See Beauty” is a barn burner that should do well if it was released to radio. Victoria really shines on the upbeat songs. “Long Gone” sounds not unlike something you’d hear from country acts like Little Big Town or Trisha Yearwood. Her country vocals with hints of traditional Southern Gospel leave the listener engaged. She’s part Martina, part Kim Hopper, and shades Kim Ruppe Sheffield.  “Little Things” is a nice mid-tempo number that opens the recording nicely. Her cover of The Greenes/Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir song “Oh the Cross” adds a nice progressive change to the recording as well. Some of the ballads can feel a bit sluggish at times which affects the pacing, particularly the two middle songs “Everlasting Water” and “Healing For Your Pain.” They do good to close the recording with first single and album highlight “Lead Me to the Cross.” With eight original songs from the pen of Bowlin and two strong covers, You See Beauty should find a home among many fans of Southern Gospel. Victoria is definitely a name to watch. Track Listing: 1. Little Things 2. You See Beauty 3. Something Going On In The Graveyard 4. Everlasting Water 5. Healing For Your Pain 6. Long Gone 7. Oh The Cross 8. A Greater Healing 9. You Have Overcome 10. Lead Me To The Cross


Victoria Bowlin has signed with AG Publicity. They will be handling all of the publicity for the music side of Bowlin Ministries, which is Victoria Bowlin. AG Publicity is an extension of the Ministry of Deon and Pamela Unthank look forward to pushing the ministry of Victoria Bowlin, by sending out press releases and making her name more recognizable.


Victoria’s brand new project, You See Beauty is now available! The official release date was April 19th. This is the first project Victoria has done since signing with Chapel Valley Records. 8 out of 10 songs are originals, written by her. Victoria says, “This is by far the best project that I have ever recorded! Chapel Valley has far exceeded my expectations and outdone themselves. I am so excited to share my new music with you!” Shane Roark, President of Chapel Valley says, “It has truly been a privilege to work with Victoria. Creating a project with such a gifted and talented singer and songwriter is a blessing to myself and to Chapel Valley, as a company. She is indeed a wonderful addition to our roster of clients and to our family. From studio to stage, she has truly become a polished professional with an attitude of excellence and a pursuit of perfection to the glory of God. I look forward to many years of creativity between Victoria and Chapel Valley.”


Victoria Bowlin has been invited to perform at Dollywood during the 2017 National Gospel & Harvest Celebration! She will be doing 2 shows on October 11 and 3 shows on October 18. Go out, and show your support!


Aaron & Victoria Bowlin are excited to announce that they have completed their classes and passed their final exams! They are now Licensed Ministers through the Church of God (Cleveland, TN).


Victoria Bowlin went to Chapel Valley Studios to start tracking for her new CD, entitled "You See Beauty"! Projected to release early 2017.


Victoria is pleased to announce that she has signed with the record label, Chapel Valley! She is thrilled to be working with some of the best musicians and producers in Tennessee. Victoria states, “Shane Roark is absolutely wonderful to work with, and you can’t ask for any better musicians. We’re taking things to the next level. I am so excited to start this new chapter of our ministry with Chapel Valley!”


Dream Come True for Victoria Bowlin Written by scoopsnews on October 1, 2016 A Message from Victoria: When  I  was  a  little  girl,  my  grandmother  told  me  to  write  a  letter  to  God  as  a  prayer of  what  my  heart’s  desires  where.  I  did  just  that,  and  singing  on  the  National  Quartet  Convention  main  stage  was  on  that  list.  I remember  sitting  in  the   bleachers   year   after   year   at   NQC   and   silently   praying   that   one   day   I’d   get   that   opportunity.   One   year  someone   gave   me   their   NQC  Artist   badge   as   a   souvenir,   and   as   soon   as   I   got   home,   I   stuck   that   badge   in   my   Bible   at   Philippians  4:13 and prayed over it.                       On   Wednesday,   September   28,   2016,   my   prayers   were   answered,   and   my   lifelong   dream   came   true!   I   had   the   honor   of   being  selected   from   the  Artist   Spotlight   Showcase   that   afternoon   to   sing   on   the   Main   Stage!   Funny   thing   is,   when   they   called   my   name,  none   of   my   family   was   there!   My   husband   had   gone   to   get   his   hair   cut,   and   the   rest   of   my   family   was   out   eating.   I   just   about   fell  out   of   my   chair.  All   I   could   do   was   cry   and   thank   God   for   His   blessings   and   favor.  The   actual   main   stage   performance   experience  was awesome! I was too excited to be nervous. I had so much fun. It was truly an honor and a dream come true!


Victoria Bowlin was chosen to sing on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention 2016 in Pigeon Forge, TN, after singing in a showcase on Wednesday afternoon, September 28, 2016. This was a life long dream for her and such a high honor!


Victoria Bowlin was chosen to sing on the main stage at Gatlinburg Gathering 2016 in Gatlinburg, TN, after singing in a showcase on Thursday afternoon, August 18, 2016. It was a priviledge!


"Still Faithful", an original song written by Victoria Bowlin has hit the Top 80 Singing News Radio Charts for July at #71, making it Victoria's first Top 80 charting song! A special thank you goes out to Joseph Habedank for singing on this song with her
“Reviving The Nations One Heart At A Time”